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Website: none
Message: -o new Trail Riders and old friends we know from all the past rides we have been associated with! We are looking forward to the visit we hope to make this year. We no longer go on the ride, but enjoy visiting with friends we have met over the years! Will be helping get some of the equipment ready for this years ride and be there to see the ride off on its way Monday the 19th.
Don & Sherri Beem
Signed On: Mon May:15:2017

Message: Would like to participate in the 2017 wagon train.
Signed On: Sun Nov:06:2016

Name: Annie, in Ohio
Website: none
Message: Praying for beautiful weather this week, as you are out on the trail in June 2016! It was amazing in 2015! Hoping to join again in 2017!
Signed On: Wed Jun:22:2016

Name: Douglas Aspen
Website: none
Message: I would like to be updated with dates of this years 2016 wagon train.
Signed On: Wed Mar:16:2016

Name: Bridgewater Family
Website: none
Message: -o, everybody. We are so excited to be registered for the 2015 Wagon Train and will be travelling from UK to join you. Can anyone help us with saddle horses? We would like to have 2 between the 4 of us so we can mix and match. We are George, 19, Grace 18 and parents Sarah and Peter, 52. All of us are experienced with horses and have owned several.Please contact with ideas/contacts. Thank you
Signed On: Mon Apr:20:2015

Name: roger cool
Website: none
Message: would like info on up comeing wagontrain in 2015
Signed On: Sun Oct:19:2014

Name: Linda Jo Nehring
Website: none
Message: Dearest Friends, Many of you remember my parents Happy & Grace Mitc-. My Momma Grace passed away very suddenly this week from a massive heart attack. Obituary:
Service will be Friday, Feb 14. Happy is doing all right, but does have dementia. Birthday 2/18 He will be 90 yrs. old.
Signed On: Sun Feb:09:2014

Name: Rick Toeller
Website: none
Message: We sure had a wonderful time on the wagon train. Most relaxing vacation I have experienced; my daughters loved it. Well worth the 12 hour drive (with breaks) from SE WI. I was amazed by the consistently delicious food for all meals.
Signed On: Tue Jul:02:2013

Name: Jefri
Message: The Fort Seward Wagon Train is really nice. I'm comind next year because it's so fun!
Signed On: Mon Jun:20:2011

Name: Linda
Website: none
Message: So exciting! The wagon train is leaving soon to head out to Woodworth, ND. This is an unusually wet spring, I hope there are some sunny days for the modern pioneers to enjoy.
Signed On: Thu Jun:16:2011

Name: Linda Collins
Website: none
Message: How I would love to be a part of the Wagon Train. Living in Michigan, with my husband and retired, I don't know when we would be able to go on one. But in the near future, I am hoping to be able to come and be a part of a historical journey. Thank you.
Signed On: Fri May:13:2011

Name: Mark Quinn
Message: I am the baker at our historical Sutter's Fort here in Sacramento, CA. Your wagon train sounds wonderfull. Can you send me info. on who rents saddle horses?
Signed On: Sat Jan:08:2011

Name: Tammy
Website: none
Message: My friends and I would love to know more-we go out on 3-4 day campout/trailrides together once a year!
Signed On: Wed Jan:05:2011

Name: Linda
Website: none
Message: What a great bunch of people on the wagon train this year. I would highly recommend this wagon train for anyone wanting to do something adventurous and meaningful with their family.
Signed On: Wed Sep:22:2010

Name: gary artrip
Website: none
Message: love to take a wagon train vacation
Signed On: Sun May:23:2010

Name: Lucy
Website: none
Message: This looks SO FUN!!! I've always had an interest in pioneers and reenacting, and this looks like a blast!!!
Signed On: Thu Feb:25:2010

Name: Tamara Karlsson
Website: none
Message: It's almost been 1 year since we took our wagon trip in 2008. We had such a wonderful time that all of our wagon friends will be doing it again in 4 more years! We even plan to get the same team and driver, Rich, because he's the best. I can't say enough good things about the people and the experience. Thanks and see you on the trail in 2013.
Signed On: Mon Jun:15:2009

Name: Don & Sharilyn Beem
Website: none
Message: -o:
Sharilyn and I are looking forward to the wagon train ride again in June-2009
We have been on the ride for many years and it is quite an experience. We look forward to meeting new friends and visiting with friends we have gotten to know over the years. It is a family oriented ride and we highly recommend this for a family vacation !
The Beems
Signed On: Fri Feb:20:2009

Name: Dede
Website: none
Message: Mom took me on the wagon train last year for a day. It was lots of fun.
Signed On: Thu Feb:19:2009

Name: Brendan Devine Meyer
Website: none
Message: -o all, if this is your first time on here welcome and I hope you enjoy. This wagon train is a wonderful experience, I have been on many a year and I love it, it is so relaxing. I would just like to encourage all of you to come and share a week with us. I know you all will come back with a different look on life.
God Speed
Brendan DM
Signed On: Fri Oct:17:2008

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