Fort Seward, Inc. Covered Wagon Train pulled by draft horse


A couple of gals in dresses, photo by J. Turner

A couple of modern day pioneers in their pioneer clothing .



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  Comment from a participant:
You have to experience this at least once in your lifetime, to truely appreciate what our pioneers did for the country.


Fort Seward, Inc. Covered Wagon Train since 1969What to Wear

A gal slicing bread in pioneer clothing during the Ft. Seward wagon train, photo by S. KluversIt is required that men, women and children attire themselves in proper period clothing during the wagon train, in order to maintain the essential flavor and atmosphere. Examples of clothing can be seen in western movies and TV shows (Example: "Dr. Quinn"). Patterns may be obtained at fabric stores in clothes pattern books such as Simplicity, McCalls, etc.

Rental of Pioneer clothing maybe available at: Hodge Podge, 1415 Interstate Loop, Bismarck, ND 58501, phone 701-224-9073. Cost about $12.00 to $20.00 plus shipping from and back to Hodge Podge. Be sure to tell them you are going on the Fort Seward wagon train and need a cotton type outfit and give them your color choices. They have a lot of sizes.

A family in pioneer type clothing, photo by S. KluversAlso check with Sew-What, they will custom sew pioneer clothing for you. On the trail and when riding horses, females may wear jeans, however long dresses (aprons encouraged) and bonnets are a MUST for the evening meal. Males must wear pioneer-western wear (vests, suspenders, and the like are encouraged). Children are included in these clothing requirements.

Hats (western okay) should have tie strings, PLEASE, NO BASEBALL TYPE CAPS! Bonnets are a must for protection from the sun. Look over the photos on these pages, except for wagon train visitors, most are wearing acceptable clothing.

No modern clothing, printed or mod T-shirts, halter-tops, etc., are allowed. During the wagon train please do not wear clothing with advertising or modern heat pressed and screenprint artwork.

The weather is variable so include rain gear and a warm jacket. Work gloves are helpful for "K.P. Duties" and cooler weather. Shoes and boots must be well broken in to prevent blisters. Bring at least three changes of clothes, some warm and some cooler to wear, and designed for outdoor living. Evenings are often cool, and many trail riders find that sleeping in a sweat suit both comfortable and practical.

Some days maybe rainy, photo by J. Turner

It is unknown at this time if conditions will permit swimming, however, cutoffs are preferred, tennis shoes are a must.

Be sure to check out our Questions and Answers page for answers to many of the most commonly asked questions.

Some wagon train participants, photo by J. Turner

Fort Seward, Inc. Pioneer Covered Wagon Train reinactment
Fort Seward, Inc. annual family trail ride Fort Seward, Inc. annual covered wagon train, relive the pioneer spirit Fort Seward, Inc. wagon train


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